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Original, unopened, mono press of the 1967 soundtrack to Casino Royale, fits in perfectly with our bar's motif!

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How to create a 24-word Seed Phrase using Dice and Linux Command-Line

Disclaimer: This is for educational purposes only.
This is the revised version of a post I made several months ago. It no longer requires the python scripting to derive the checksum which has removed several steps and made the process much more streamlined. There is only 2 commands used now, bc or basic calculator which is a utility built into linux and the shasum command to derive the checksum. Everything you need (besides dice) is built-in to tails or whatever linux distro you choose.
Besides the entropy source, this is basically the same process your hardware wallet uses to pick your 24 words. Popular Hardware wallets have a built-in TRNG (True Random Number Generator) that is certified by a third party. The TRNG chip generates the random binary needed to create the seed. Instead of trusting the TRNG chip to generate the random binary we are going to use dice instead. You could also use a coin if you want to flip and record 256 flips. If you do that you can go straight to step 11.
The BIP39 dictionary contains 2048 words, each of these words represents 11 binary bits (0 or 1). To create our own mnemonic we start by generating 256 bits of random binary then calculating the rest of the checksum.
The entire process will be done only using the standard terminal built-in to tails (and other linux distros). All base converisons will be done in the linux terminal using the 'bc' or Basic Calculator command. Calculating the checksum will use the shasum command.
This is for educational purposes to learn how bip39 mnemonics work and the checksum are derived. I highly suggest not using seeds derived using this or similar methods to protect funds unless you are 100% sure you know what you are doing.
Tools needed:

Create BIP39 Mnemonic with Dice

Picture Album -
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Ex Husband is the worst: my story

Hello. Just joined Reddit so that I can post this. This is ALL about my ex husband, whom I came to realize about a year after divorcing is a COMPLETE NARCISSISTIC ASSHOLE including but not limited to: gaslighting, manipulation, guilt trips, whining, "my way or the highway" mentality on many things, etc. WARNING: MENTAL ABUSE, MARITAL RAPE
TL:DR Ex husband is a gaslighting, manipulative narcissist who hates the close relationship I have with my family. He has tried everything to get me "completely under his control" (including trying to make me move away from my family to be close to his, to isolate me). No is NOT in his vocabulary. His idea of a perfect marriage is a 1950s wife subservient to husband and basically worships the ground he walks on, just taking all the abuse.
So here's the long, miserable story of my longest but worst relationship to date (I am currently in a long distance relationship with a wonderful man who is THE UTTER OPPOSITE of my ex)
Me - I have a great relationship with my close knit family. I love family things, trips to see family, spending time together, etc.
EX - The asshole. He and his two brothers were adopted by an already retired couple when my ex was 12 months old. His dad constantly gave them EVERYTHING because they were "HiS BaBy BoYs" (they had 2 daughters, both of whom are in their 50s or 60s and have children and grandchildren of their own), none of the three boys were disciplined and if their mom tried, she was reprimanded by their dad.
Things that I now realize are red flags will be marked as such
I (26F, but 15 at the time) met my ex husband (27, but can't remember if he was 15 or 16) in my freshman year of high school. We talked sometimes, always around a mutual friend R (who was a junior or senior at the time) at the end of our required gym class. We never did anything more than talk. A few years go by, I had turned 19 recently, and this was, I think March. I went to WalMart with my mom, my younger sister (who is now 19), and a female cousin that my sister and I are really close with. We are just walking around looking at makeup, nail polish, etc... The section next to that is pets. He is there with his friends, and one of the friends' moms (who I came to find out years later is ACTUALLY INSANE). Anyway, we talk for a little bit, I think nothing of it. At the beginning of May, I get a message from his brother on Facebook. He said EX sent him a letter from jail (major RED FLAG) and told him to send me a message on Facebook, expressing that he wanted to see me after serving his sentence. So he does. June 13, 2013, he shows up on my front porch at 9 in the morning. I invited him in, and after a little bit of talking with my family who was all gathered there, meeting and introducing etc, he asks my mom and dad if he can date me. They agreed, impressed that he would actually ask their blessing to date me first. So, we start dating. I return to school in September (I was lucky to be in a school that started the year after Labor day) to finish the credits I needed for my diploma, which I did in about a month. That was in October. The first Halloween as a couple was spent with me sick on the couch, and my parents allowing him to stay the night, sleeping in our armchair across the living room. Our first Christmas as a couple was spent with him in jail for non payment of previous incarceration-related fines (RED FLAG). So, when he got out of jail again, we spend the next week together from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed every day.
In May 2014, he ended up moving in to my parents' house with me (little did I know that was a HUGE mistake!!!!). We started off living in the basement because we also had some other family members staying with us while they searched for a new house. It was then that I learned he would sometimes be needed to help his cousins and their dad with their firewood "business". Sometimes I went with him, to get out of the house, but every time they would ask me to babysit the kids (his cousins' 4 stepsiblings, basically the definition of crotch goblins) while they all packed in the truck and went to the casino "because they earned it for their hard work" (RED FLAG). By the time my relatives moved out, we found out I was pregnant (twins, one didn't make it past 7 weeks gestation), so we moved upstairs into another room. Things went smoothly for the most part, but he started going to his cousin's house more frequently. He claimed it was to keep things stress free for me.... Yeah, BULL. SHIT.
We ended up getting married a couple weeks after my 21st birthday (I kept joking "Dammit I can't drink! But you all can drink for me!!"). Starting at about 30 weeks, I began feeling labor. Contractions, pressure, all that jazz. At about 33 weeks, I started having really REALLY bad contractions. I went in, and they ended up sending me to a hospital with a NICU just in case. Everything got back under control, and I was sent back home. EX started yelling at me about all the false labor and saying "The next time this fucking happens it better be the real fucking thing or so help me" (DUDE!!! I CAN'T FUCKING CONTROL IT!) and then he said "I'm going to my cousin's. Don't call me, even if you really go into labor. I'm fucking pissed off" (RED FLAGS). At my next appointment, my mom and I (because guess who was still pissed off?) found out my false labor was because I somehow had mono. Crazy.....
Anyway, the day finally came. My water broke, and we headed to the hospital. I got settled in, EX settled on the couch, my mom settled in the rocking armchair. I had to be induced because my labor wasn't progressing. 19 1/2 hours total of labor, 1 hour of pushing, and my little princess was here (currently 5). Her twin (we affectionately named Jelly Bean, because of the way it looked in the ultrasound images) was calcified in the placenta, sooooooooooo tiny!! HiS mAjEsTy EX couldn't be bothered through the night to sit with me and hold my hand through the pain and discomfort because he was "tired" (RED FLAG)........ Yeah, tired, my ass!! My mom stayed up with me holding my hand, and SHE cut her granddaughter's cord. Hospital policy stated that we had to wait 48 hours before release, for observation and helping mother and baby adjust. EX spent maybe a total of 20 hours in the hospital room with me. The rest of that time, he spent walking out to the main road to smoke cigarettes, and walking to Taco Bell to get food (it may or may not be a RED FLAG). After we got back home, he bragged to everyone that he bought everything we needed for our daughter (RED FLAG). No, no he didn't. The strollecar seat combo, the bath, the bouncer.... everything that was BOUGHT was bought by my parents (except the play yard/bed, my aunt bought that because my daughter was born a few weeks early). The things that weren't bought by my parents (a tiny percentage of the clothes and toys) were gifts from the baby shower guests, or from friends I had on Facebook.
It was shortly after we became established as a family (EX, newborn daughter, and I), that he really showed his narcissistic rainbow of colors. Every night, he would go to his friend's house to smoke weed and play Magic the Gathering (a card game my whole family used to play). He would come back in the wee hours, sometimes just before dawn or just after, and if I was awake, he would beg me for sex. If I agreed, it was usually reluctantly (hence, marital rape). If I wasn't (or pretended not to be), he would go to the basement and masturbate. A few times he fell asleep while doing that, and he was lucky I woke him up so he could put his little buddy back in his pants before anyone saw it. After he woke up, he would go fishing, or meet up with another friend, or ANYTHING that involved not being home and supporting his wife and newborn daughter. Before he left, he would tell me "You have (this list) to clean before I get back". If I didn't have it done to his unspoken specifications, he would yell at me (RED FLAG) for hours about it (HELLO, I AM TAKING CARE OF YOUR FUCKING NEWBORN CHILD 24/7 BECAUSE YOU WON'T GET UP OFF YOUR ASS TO HELP ME) and then say "Fuck this shit, I'm going to my cousin's". If there was something that I was upset about, he thought the only solution was sex (marital rape again), instead of talking about why I felt the way I did. "I'm not gonna solve the problem. Here, let's try this bandaid solution that works for me but does nothing for you, and you should feel better because I do". This went on for over a year.
My daughter's first Christmas, we had his mom staying with us (she's such a sweet old woman, and I wish we could have stayed civil, but she hates me for divorcing HeR bAbY bOy). He had a fight with my parents over his constant use of the basement, so much that almost no one could even do laundry as we have the washer and dryer down there. He ran off in a huff, packed a bag, and got ready to go to his cousin's yet again. He wanted me to come with him, and I said no because we had planned for MONTHS to go to my uncle's house a few hours drive away and spend Christmas Eve with them (my favorite uncle and family, we only get to see them once a year if we're lucky). He kept saying "When (cousin) gets here, if you don't go with me, you can expect the silent treatment all weekend".... His mom went with us to my uncle's house and we all had a great time, except when I spent an hour crying over him being an asshole.
The final straw was Halloween 2016, when my daughter was almost 18 months. I was getting things around (a lot of parents I knew especially around my small town make getting ready for trick-or-treating an all-day thing), and EX said "I'm going to visit with my friend. I want all this shit picked up and cleaned before I get back, or I'm not allowing you to go trick or treating." So in my mind, I thought screw that, I'm just going to continue getting us ready! So I did. He got back, and in a sickeningly sweet voice he said "You didn't get everything done, but since I'm a nice husband, you can still go. I'm going to help my cousins so I might not be here when you get back" (RED FLAG). When we got back, his wedding ring was sitting in the middle of the screen on my charging phone (RED FLAG). I was devastated. I messaged him, trying to get clarification. He said that it fell off his finger when he was changing his clothes (BULL. SHIT. It took a ton of pulling to get that damn ring off, there was no fucking way it "just fell off").... I told my parents, and they helped me see what an asshole he was, it was no accident, and if he constantly threatened divorce when he got pissed off, I should give that to him. So I did. I messaged him and said that he could come back to get his things, and we were over. When he got back, he constantly switched between crocodile tears ("Think of what we have, I won't do this again I promise, It's not what you think, BLAH BLAH BLAH BOO HOO") and rage ("What the fuck are you gonna do without me, you're a bitch, you're never gonna find someone else, no one's gonna love you if you keep telling your family everything BLAH BLAH BLAH YELL YELL"). He threatened my dad and uncle, before yelling "FUCK YOU AND YOUR WHOLE FAMILY BITCH" as they drove away
The next day, I did file for divorce. And he did his best to creep back in. We had to serve him an eviction notice because he lived there more than 6 months. The whole 30 days, he stayed there at night. A few times he came into my room to "show me he was sorry" with sex (again, marital rape, as I had JUST filed for divorce). While he was still at my house, milking that damn 30 days for all it was worth, he was supposed to sleep in the living room, with my dad and uncle keeping watch. He snuck back to my room while they were both sleeping, because he probably wanted to "show me he was still in control of everything".
The last week or so before the eviction notice was up, I stayed at my (alive at the time) late grandmother's house because of everything EX was doing. It has been a safe haven for me through the years, and I especially appreciated it at that time. My cousin was also staying there with her two kids (she now has 4). One day he showed up and was telling my daughter "Yeah, daddy's doing real good. He's gonna get you back, yes he is! I got a lawyer, I got a job, I'm getting my own house too" (all lies), and my grandma with her fiery redhead temper "OH, THE HELL YOU ARE!!!!!" and EX had my grandma, my psycho aunt, and my cousin all defending me and my daughter. I went back inside to keep all 3 kids busy, for one because they didn't need to be in the middle of that verbal sword battle, and for two grandma had a pretty small door so there wasn't room for me anyway. Grandma told EX that if he stepped foot on her property again she would call the cops for trespassing. He did, so she did. He was escorted back to my house (with only 3 or 4 days left of the eviction) while my aunt yelled after him.
The next day he wrote up and got notarized a note saying that he would give up all right pertaining to the house and items of (my address). And he left. A month goes by, and he snuck onto the back deck (the bedroom my daughter and I were in was an addition after the house was moved to its current location in the 1950s and leads onto the back deck) and knocked on the window scaring the living shit out of my daughter and I. We ran out to the living room to my dad (by this time his health problems had gotten so bad he couldn't walk up the stairs to his bedroom anymore) and we called the cops. They found him a few houses away "acting innocent" after investigating the yard. Footprints matched, and he went to jail for trespassing, as we could prove with the note in his own writing he gave up his rights to anything on our property. He ended up trespassing multiple times....
Close to my birthday (2017), he decided we wanted to finally begin his visitation. So he took his first.... The. Day. Before. My. Birthday......... He then called our landline phone asking to make sure my daughter was ready for her time with daddy. My dad then took the phone (turning on speakerphone) and asked if he knew it was my birthday. HE LAUGHED AND SAID YES THAT IS WHY I'M TAKING MY VISITATION NOW! I was devastated. I cried all that day. I cried the day he took her. I cried every time the phone rang, because he called to gloat that he had my daughter "Here, listen! Hear how happy she is? (laughter at my expense)". That night, he GLORIOUSLY called and asked if we could come pick up both of them. Obviously everyone that could, packed into the vehicle and we went to rescue my daughter. So we brought her back home (with extra baggage...EX). The whole way back home he kept saying "I couldn't get her to sleep, she wouldn't sleep, she didn't this, she didn't that." (NO SHIT!!! SHE WAS BREASTFED AND DIDN'T LIKE THE TASTE OF COW'S MILK AND NEEDED HER OWN MILK TO SLEEP) "But when we get back, she's sleeping in the living room with me. It's still my visit". And I internally laughed the whole way home. When we finally got home he said to me "Go ahead and take her back to the bedroom. She'll only cry out here." Aye-aye, captain. That was a great birthday, because I got my daughter back.
In the next 5-6 weeks, he only took a couple overnight visits at his buddy's house (which he gave my daughter PTSD from shoving hamburger down her throat, so she's afraid of new foods, and he locked her in a dark bedroom by herself so she screamed for 6 hours while he played a card game with his friends and that made her afraid of the dark, and combined with knocking on the window at night gave her night terrors that she still occasionally has), but the majority of his visits, he asked me to pick her up for some excuse or other. Some of them he ended up taking at my house (mini story, he went through my phone which I should have taken with me in hindsight while I nursed my daughter in our bedroom and discovered I was talking to another man romantically, and blew up stating we were still married because the divorce wasn't finalized, and he was kicked out and told he could never come back).
In mid-April, EX sweet talked me into reconciliation (hindsight is 20/20 BIIIIIIGGGG MISTAKE), so I went to his friend's house whenever it was his day for visitation. Every time it went the same: we get there, he sets her up to play with his friend's daughter's toys, I sit on the couch with EX sitting uncomfortably close. We do something with his friends, go back to the house, make dinner, get ready for the night. He sweet-talked me during each of these visits into having sex again (since the divorce was not finalized, it was marital rape again because I first said no). Over the next 3 weeks, I made excuse after excuse to NOT see him ("(daughter) isn't feeling well, I'm not feeling well, I have chores to do, (daughter) is already sleeping" etc). Sometimes I relented, to my eventual dismay.
The final straw in that God-awful reconciliation: May 27, 2017, my younger brother graduated. So did his friend's sister. He showed up to the school gym "to support (friend's sister)" (no, it was because my brother was graduating and he knew I'd be there). He took my daughter under the pretense of "giving my back a break" but after the grads threw their caps he said "Ok (daughter), tell mommy you'll see her in a few days because daddy wants to see you!" I was livid. He told me he would give her back at the end!!!! So after I got home, I packed a bag for me and my daughter, and I went to his friend's house. The sister was sitting at the table with some of her friends drinking beer (I could have called the cops for underage drinking, but I was "nice"), while EX and his friend were in the backyard starting an absolute MONSTER of a bonfire, and one of his other friends was watching my daughter and her son in EX's friend's daughter's bedroom while they were playing. I should have picked her up and took her back home then and there but I didn't. I stayed. There was a cookout. People left. Only a small handful of people were left and stayed because they didn't want to drive home drunk. I pretended to sleep, but I was awake all night. At about 6 in the morning, I left my sleeping (soon-to-be) EX, and I took my daughter back home. At about noon, I got a message that I need to come back and apologize to his friend's sister. I said Why? I didn't do anything wrong? So he explained that the sister and another friend (also underage, also drinking) told him that I made a snide comment about her drinking at her age and that someone should call the cops and I needed to apologize. I tell him I never made any comment of the sort, I was telling the truth, and why didn't he believe me? So he retorted I needed to come apologize because it's his friend's sister. I agree to come over and apologize, although I said nothing of the sort, and the only comment I made was in my head. So I do. I left my daughter at home with my mom, and went to apologize for something I didn't say.
That was the last time my daughter saw her dad, visit wise. I stayed inside, basically a prisoner in my own home but by choice, for a month. The only time I left was to go shopping at Walmart. When I finally decided to venture bravely out of the house into my own town, my mom, daughter, and I met my auntie, her kids, and her boyfriend at the park. He showed up, and tried to kiss me and hold my daughter. I handed my daughter to my mom because if I continued to hold her, I knew he would try to grab her from me, and I would let her go because I would never hurt my own daughter. I also knew HE would NEVER try that shit with my mom. He caused a scene, and my auntie's boyfriend called the cops. Cop showed up and question us. In questioning him, EX basically said point blank, if he got his hands on my daughter, he would kidnap her. The cop kept telling him to go to court because he couldn't do anything about custody issues. The cop finally left, but EX didn't. He wouldn't. He refused. I ended up getting in my mom's van, while I waited for EX to leave. Auntie's boyfriend had enough and asked my mom if he could take the van for a drive. We drove through the town's "rich neighborhood" and when we got back, my dad and uncle were there. I told them all what happened, and dad said I should call the non-emergency line and report sexual harassment because EX tried kissing me. The officer said someone would be by to give all 4 adults a statement to fill out. An officer came, gave us the blank statements and left. We all filled them out, and took them back. EX was arrested a week later. I got a PPO (personal protective order)
After he got out of jail, he kept deliberately trying to run into me. I saw him looking for me constantly. Every time he did, I went somewhere else. At least 4 times, he went to jail for a PPO violation. After the 4th time, the prosecutor told me that if it ever happened again, he would be sent to PRISON for a LONG time. My divorce was FINALLY finalized on August 14, 2017. EX has not seen me (but I have seen him around town) since then.
Thanks to everyone who read my whole story. I am happy to report I am in a long distance relationship with a WONDERFUL man who is THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE of EX. Due to the pandemic we can't as of yet, but as soon as we can, we both want to get married so he can adopt my daughter and get EX out of our lives for good.
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WolBet Canlı Bahis, Canlı Casino ve Slot Oyunları Sitesi
YouWin Canlı Bahis, Canlı Casino ve Slot Oyunları Sitesi
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Meta Snapshot by Moonboy!

Finally got the time to do up a meta snapshot for the community We have worked together with Xiaoken to produce much more quality and accurate snapshot for you guys as Xiaoken will be covering more tournament formats while I will cover more on the ladder portion both spreadsheet are found in the link provided below. Video will be done with explanation by myself as well. So feel free to feed back or ask any questions if u have any.
A little sum up of what's our take on the tier list
Tier S- Lee & Zed, One Kick Lee(Mono Lee), Pirate aggro, TF Swain
Tier A- Freeze midrange, Barrier midrange, TF/GP , Warmother's control, Mindspplitter control
Tier B- Nightfall Aggro, Casino aggro
Spicy- Veemo, Goat Elusives
Hope this content would help everyone with their climb!
Moonboy_gaming BLASTING OFF!
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The 13th floor: The Back-room Break-room Birthday Party.

I've been navigating the seemingly endless collection of mostly empty offices and hallways for what seems like ages now. My watch had stopped working sometime shortly after I awoke here, wherever here is, and my phone had zero reception everywhere I went, so I had turned it off to save battery life what seemed like forever ago. The only sound here breaking the ominous silence is the constant buzz of the lights overhead. It is almost maddening. It gets to you in a dark way, an ever constant droning sound that works it's way into your mind like a splinter, driving you mad. The walls are a sickly mono-yellow color that makes me nauseous the more I look at them, so I try not to. A seemingly impossible tasks because they are everywhere you look, all painted or wallpapered that same uniformly ugly pattern. Even the carpet pattern is hard to stomach. This entire place is deeply unsettling to look at. The interior designer was obviously a sadist who had no sense of good taste.
I type this now, with what little battery life I have left, partly so some record exists of the events I've seen, maybe someone will find this phone, and partly because I do not know how much longer I'll be able to hold on to the memories myself. I'll power my phone on once a day and record what I can before turning it back off again. If I try hard enough, I can sometimes remember moments of my life from before "this" place, and then the buzzing sound seems to intensify and washes those thoughts away again. I vaguely remember sitting in a chair, across from a man dressed in a black business suit, asking me about my previous work history. I was being interviewed for a job opening in security, that he explained needed to be filled because the previous new hire had apparently quit and walked off-site without a word to anyone, having never returned to the security office after taking lunch.
He said the previous new hires name was Logan, and Logan had apparently vanished. We had a brief conversation concerning Logan's girlfriend who had come by the building several times, and distraught over his disappearance, had caused a scene in the lobby. I remember reading about his disappearance in the papers, and seeing a clip about him on the news a week or two prior. The police were actively investigating his disappearance, and had already came through and combed the building, questioning employee's and looking over the security footage. Logan's girlfriend Sarah was now on the banned list, and the man sitting across from me was adamant she wasn't permitted on the property. We were to call the police immediately if she arrived on the premises, and that her picture was posted on the wall in the security office for easy reference.
If I close my eyes and plug my ears to drone out the buzzing, I can almost recall the mans face. Almost. I can barely make out the basic features of a nose, ears, and glasses, but the more I try to focus on any one detail, the more his face blurs and becomes almost like tv channel static. Then the memory fades and the buzzing intensifies. The next thing I can remember, I'm being issued a badge, keys, a radio, a flashlight, a night-stick, and an employee handbook. An elderly man in a security uniform, whose name-tag reads "Michael", is giving me a tour of the building, explaining my various duties before leaving me to my own devices for my first shift. I remember I sat for hours in the security office, precariously flipping the pages of the employee handbook while periodically glancing at the security cameras. I wrote the hourly annotations in my log, ate a snack, and checked the messages on my phone. Pretty dull work day, which in the security field is ideal.
I stuffed the book in my back pocket and looked at the clock. It was late, 9:56PM. It would be just me now, until the following morning at 6am. 6PM-6AM shifts are pretty drab. The last employee had left hours ago, and I could see the janitors leaving the front lobby now. It was time to lock-up behind them and do my first rounds. I left the office and made my way through the building checking doors, and turning off lights, and computer monitors employee's had left running. I made my way to the lobby, locked the front doors, and then made fresh coffee in the break room.
I filled my thermos and took the stairs down into the basement, to the boiler rooms and went from riser to riser, checking the pressure gauges and writing my initials on the safety clipboard sheets hanging nearby. The boiler rooms were dimly lit, smelled awful, and there was a heaviness in the air, probably due to electro-magnetism given off by all the electrical boxes on the walls. I jokingly said to myself "This is what Freddy Kruegers bedroom must look like." It gave me the creeps, and I didn't want to spend any more time down there then I had to, so I quickly finished the riser checks and decided to take the elevator back up to the security offices, instead of climbing the stairs.
I climbed in, and noticed that in typical western superstitious fashion, the architect had omitted the 13th floor entirely. It went from 12 to 14 and then proceeded to count normally. This is standard in most high rise office buildings, hotels and casino's. I punched the button for floor 6, where our security office is located, and the doors glided shut. The elevator began to climb. That is when it happened. As the light dinged for floor 5 the elevator stopped. I was confused and thumbed the button for 6 again. The doors opened, closed, and then the elevator started moving again. It took me back down to the basement labelled B1. The doors opened. I again hit the button for 6, the doors closed and started to ascend. I calmed myself and swore I'd skip the elevator and just take the stairs next time, however long the climb might be.
The elevator went to 6 and the doors opened. I sighed in relief, but it was short lived. When the doors parted it was the basement level again! I panicked and began hitting the Emergency button, all the while knowing no one was inside the building to help me. I thought to myself I should sprint out the doors, through the boiler rooms and into the stairwell but before I could act on the thought, the doors shut and the elevator began moving again. It rose and rose, 10th floor dinged past. 11. 12. Then it stopped on 14 (the actual 13th floor of the building). The lights flickered momentarily, the air seemed to crackle and made my hair stand on end. There was an intense buzzing sound that was almost deafening. The doors opened and I darted out. The doors closed, and I turned around to discover a solid yellow wall where they had been! The doors were just gone, and the wall seemed to momentarily shimmer before becoming solid and blending in to the surrounding walls.
I reached out and ran my hand over where the doors had been, felt a static shock, and fell crumpled to the floor. I awoke some time later, dazed and confused. I looked at my watch and it had stopped. It read 10:36PM, but it felt much later than that and I was hungry again. My stomach rumbled. I spent what must have been the first day exploring empty rooms, looking for another elevator, a stairwell, or a window. I found nothing and no one. There is no way to keep track of time here, except for when I sleep. So I explore for as long as I can, then sleep. That is a day. Rinse, repeat. This place is impossible huge. It cannot be this big. There has to be an exit somewhere. I keep thinking about the elevator doors disappearing and cannot wrap my mind around it.
All the rooms are universally mostly the same, with little to no distinguishing features. Most are unfurnished. Day 2 I found a desk with a sharpie in it. So I started marking off tally marks in the employee handbook to keep track of my days. Day 3 I found a bottle of almond water on a filing cabinet, which is good because my coffee thermos was nearing empty. I've now taking to relieving myself in the corners of rooms partly because I have to, partly to mark rooms I've already explored, and partly as a screw you to whoever designed this place.
Day 5, my head hurts. The continuous buzzing from the florescent lights is giving me a migraine. Caffeine withdraws aren't helping either. Day 7 I found a patch of mushrooms growing on top of the moldy carpet in an empty office. I rubbed them on my arm and there was no allergic reaction so I assume they are safe to eat. I ate some and they had no ill effects, so I began rationing them. Day 9 and I've smoked my last cigarette, the pack is empty. Day 10 and nicotine withdraws hit. Day 12 and a thought occurred to me: I have a lighter. I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner! I used the empty cigarette pack and a few pages from the handbook to start a fire. I thought maybe if I set the wallpaper on fire, I can catch the building on fire, and then finally someone will rescue me. If they don't, then at least I'll die and finally be free of this place and the fire will take this hellish place with it.
The wallpaper crackled slightly but wouldn't take to the flame. Flame retardant wallpaper? Does such a thing exist or is this place limbo? Am I dead? Is this the waiting room of the afterlife? If so, where is everyone else? I tried the carpet too but it's damp, wet and moldy everywhere. Later that day I found another filing cabinet and climbed on it to reach the ceiling. The ceiling is solid. I could reach a sprinkler head, so I made another fire, and held the flame close. It came to life and soon every nearby room was down-pouring water, but no fire alarm sounded. I pulled out the empty filing cabinet drawers and used them as buckets to collect the water. At least now I won't die of dehydration. I cleaned myself up, and washed my hair and face. After about 20 minutes, the sprinklers drizzled up and stopped producing water.
Day 15 and I swear I've passed through this room before. The pile of shit in the corner is unmistakably mine from days ago. With a grouping of mushrooms sprouting from the top of it. Great. I'm now eating mushrooms grown from my own shit. Day 19, I found a metal chair in the corner of a big office, and began using it to attempt to break through the wall. After about 30 minutes, I managed to punch a decent sized hole, only to peer through and discover it goes to another identical empty office. I managed to squeeze through, only to discover it's leads to an almost identical maze of empty rooms and hallways just like the ones I had just come from!
The air is stale here. I found a desk with some felt tipped pens in it, so I'm now using those for tally marks and the sharpie to write X's on walls and doors of rooms and areas I've explored. This area seems darker, and less illuminated. Some days I have to backtrack back through the hole to fill my thermos from the filing cabinet drawers. Day 22, I found a message written on the wall in black marker that reads "Sarah, I love you!". My heart sank. Is Logan down here? Had the same thing happened to him? Had he returned from lunch, and rode the same elevator, just to be deposited here like I had? That meant the elevator entrance wasn't localized, as he was deposited on the other side of the hole I had punched in the wall. What in the hell is this place? Is this Hell?
Day 25, I'm out of water again, so I've taken to ripping up the moldy carpet and wringing it out into my thermos for what little water I can. I've found many mushrooms, and what I can only surmise is piles of Logan's shit in the corner of many rooms.
Day 29... I found Logan. Or rather, what is left of him. I rounded a corner and forced open a door peppered with holes, that was blocked by a toppled filing cabinet, into what appeared to be an office break room, complete with a table, chairs, a water cooler, a half-eaten yet stale birthday cake, and Logan seated in front of it. The smell was horrible. Written on the wall behind him was the words "I'm sorry Sarah!". Logan had apparently holed up in this room, and finally, taken his own life by slitting his wrists with the knife used to cut and serve the birthday cake. I looted him, found a 9mm pistol with no ammo on his belt, though the floor was littered with spent casings, and moved him to the hallway and let the room air out. I secured the door the same way he had, found a fire-extinguisher in the corner, ate the cake, counted my supplies and rations, and slept hard under the table to escape the lights overhead.
I awoke a few hours later to rustling in the hallway. I sprang to my feet thinking someone had found me. I peered through one of the many holes in the door and to my horror I saw two black human like creatures on all-fours feasting on Logan in the hallway. I began shouting and pounding on the door hoping to scare them away, but though frightened at first, they returned and simply dragged him out of sight. I laid awake the rest of the night, listening to low pitched inhuman growling, the sound of bones snapping, and the wet slap of meat as they devoured him.
Day 30, starring at the door, I realized the holes I'd peered through were Logan's attempt to shoot the creatures who had boxed him in here. Realizing he had fired his last shot, and had nothing but the cake and water cooler left, he chose to slit his wrists instead of starving to death, or being eaten alive. I waited until I thought the creatures were gone, before I peered out the hole again, but immediately I saw movement and heard growling again. I had inadvertently fed them Logan, they had just eaten and time was on their side. They were going to simply wait me out.
Day 31, I peeked out and they are still there! So I devised a plan. I armed myself with the knife, I have a night-stick and a fire-extinguisher. I was going to make a run for it, or die trying. I slide the filing cabinet aside, readied myself, and threw the door open. I bolted into the hallway, unclipped the ring on the extinguisher and hosed the first creature that lunged at me. It howled and scurried off down the hall, rounding a corner and disappeared from sight. The second creature crouched down and growled but didn't move. I sprayed the extinguisher at it, and it cowered back a few feet and continued to growl. I locked eyes with it, and sprayed it again. It darted off bouncing down the hallway and disappeared around the same corner as the first. I dragged Logan back into the room, closed the door, and sprinted back to the hole in the wall. I climbed through and barricaded it with a desk. What the bloody hell were those things?
Day 32, I mustered up the courage to return through the hole, to the break room to fill my thermos with water from the water cooler only to find Logan propped back up in the seat, this time surrounded by mannequins wearing birthday hats posed in odd fashion like they are having a party. I freaked out and ran back to the hole and climbed through. I re-secured the hole with the desk, and filing cabinets I dragged from several rooms. I spent the night half crying, half sleeping on the floor. When I finally slept, I awoke because I thought I heard a phone ringing somewhere in the distance, but I can't be sure where, or even if it was real.
Day 33, I've got plenty of water both in my thermos and in two of the remaining file cabinet drawers, a lot of mushrooms, a knife, an empty gun, my flashlight, and night-stick. Those "things" and the mannequins don't seem to be on THIS side. My phone is at 17% and I've run out of ideas. I can't imagine what I've done to end up in this place. I'm going to explore more of this side, the safe half, and see if I can't find the phone.
Day 34, my phone is at 4% and...
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[UK] Assortment of playing cards; Fontaine, Arrco, Gemini etc.

[UK] Assortment of playing cards; Fontaine, Arrco, Gemini etc. submitted by AddSomeSpice to PlayingCardsMarket [link] [comments]

20 Million Download Event Part 2 ( Final Boss Escanor, Evil Lilia and new Mono ).

20 Million Download Event Part 2 ( Final Boss Escanor, Evil Lilia and new Mono ).

Final Boss Escanor ( OMG such a daddy ).

Everyone knows the deal to Final Boss content. Rewards are still the same for every %.

Evil Lilia & Blue Mono ( will add translations for skills when they are finished ).

*Note that her unique says \"hero\" and does not specifiy if its just her or other unit. <--- Ultimate Preview Evil Lilia.

New Costumes. ( Available for $ ).

Tower Of Ordeal ( Reset ).
*Special Note : Tower has been hard nerfed in terms of rewards. They have removed all diamonds , part 2 tickets , lessen the SA coins, less gold and replaced with Chalices,Books , SSR Gear ( 3 star gear ) , and 5 AP potions.

Gear Gacha & Growth Event.
☞ Event details -Use the gold/pumpkin key to draw equipment in the [Equipment Draw] tab of [Store] Please. -The appearance probability of SSR grade (equipment, enhancement item) increases! (4% → 8%)
※ You can check the details by touching [Probability] in the upper left corner of the draw screen.※ The probability of drawing spear jade, ruby ​​draw, and jade does not increase.※ The 5 Equipment Awakening Stone and Vizel's Hammer appearance probability is 1%

Free Multi & How to claim. ( On the new banner ).

Casino Roulette

To top it of here is a full res of Final Boss Daddynor.

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Nuzlocke Marathon 1: Pokemon Red Version Part 4

Link to part 3 (and beyond)
Ch4: Thunderbadge->Rainbowbadge
Old Rod get (rid of, to the box with ye)! Bicycle get!
Rt.9: Rattata "Hiram" lv16; more Great Mouse Detective. A potential Raticate isnt bad, after the loss of Basil.
Rt.10: Voltorb "Mimic" lv16; you thought it was an item ball. It was not.
Rock Tunnel: Zubat lv17 FAILED; Liyu accidentally OHKOd it. R.I.P.
Rt.8: Growlithe lv18 FAILED; It Roared on the first turn, shooing me away.
Rt.7: Growlithe lv18 FAILED; lesson learned from last time, immediate Great Ball. It broke free and Roared. I am very annoyed now.
Aethon's services are no longer required for the time being, and is boxed. The point of Nuzlocke is to use new pokemon. Pigeot is a mainstay of Kanto lockes (and to a lesser extent, johto). He is the only pokemon i have that can learn Fly, so I'll just have to live without. Zubat doesnt Fly for another couple generations.
Celadon City: Dratini "Musik" lv18 (purchased for 2800 casino coins, all paid in cash. I am now dead broke). Another Fate reference, named for Goredolf Musik, who i think Dragonite bears some resemblence to.
VS Giovanni: Enki OHKOs Onix lv25 with Bubblebeam. Rhyhorn lv24 fares no better. Kangaskhan lv29 is obviously his ace, and quite bulky. Enki weakens it some, but high hitcount comet punches force a switch to Liyu, who finishes it off with Dragon Rage.
VS Erika: Clean sweep by Zote. Victreebell and Vileplume both OHKOd by Twineedle, Tangela 2HKOd due to being mono-grass.
Rainbowbadge get!
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Playing Card Manufacturer: Taiwan Playing Card Company (TWPCC)

Playing Card Manufacturer: Taiwan Playing Card Company (TWPCC)
In the world of playing cards, there are some big names and recognizable entities like United States Playing Cards and their Bicycle brand of playing cards. Other leading figures in the industry include successful publishing companies like European-based Cartamundi. There are also several smaller Taiwan-based manufacturers that have been making an impact, such as Legends Playing Cards, Expert Playing Cards, and Hanson Chien Production Company.
But even the big names had to start small, and once in a while something small makes some explosive sounds to catch our attention. Today let's take a look at Taiwan Playing Card Company (TWPCC), which is distributed by BombMagic, and first caught my eye with the colourful fireworks of their Casino Royale deck.
When I first came across the beautiful looking Casino Royale deck, I started crawling down a rabbit hole which eventually led me to Hanson Bomb, founder of BombMagic. BombMagic started in 2007 as a small studio that focused on the study of performing magic, and the slogan they came up with for their tenth anniversary in 2017 gives an indication of their original focus: "Born for Magic, Beyond the Magic." Since their inception they have slowly built up their brand, and have been focusing more on playing cards. They began releasing some playing card products, launched a website, and in 2016 released their Bomber Series Playing Cards as their own branded deck. Eventually they set up the Bomber Playing Card Company in order to focus on the design, manufacture, sale, and distribution of playing cards, which the following year became part of the new Taiwan Playing Card Company.
Today BombMagic is considered the official distributor of Taiwan Playing Card Company, and it includes a large online operation. But besides being a source for magic items in the Asian market and abroad, they also produce a range of custom playing cards, some of which they have created in-house and are featured below. Of special interest is the fact that their decks are printed in Taiwan, which is also where respected playing card manufacturers like Legends and Expert Playing Cards operate from in order to produce high quality playing cards. TWPCC has their own label and specifications, but uses the same factory, so there's good reason to expect good things from this brand. So let's take a look at some of their decks, and talk about what we can expect from this smaller playing card manufacturer.
The name Casino Royale reflects the fact that this deck is created to be a practical casino style deck that represents the height of luxury. The title brings to mind James Bond's visits to Europe's most famous gambling houses. Similarly this deck is intended to capture something of a quality that is fitting for a classy secret agent and for royalty, while being suitable for an enthusiast playing a poker game at home as well.
BombMagic has produced several different Casino Royale decks, and they are definitely the most practical of the in-house decks from TWPCC. The number cards are very functional and readable, and that makes this a deck of playing cards that can perform well for crossover purposes, including at the card table or in the hands of a traditional gamer. They work especially well for casino type games, while having a "royale" look that sets them apart from a typical deck of plain ordinary cards.
The touch of royalty is already evident from the tuck box, with its window style die-cut design that gives a glimpse of the stylish card backs. The colourful diamond backed design of the card backs adds a sense of luxury and class, and so the Casino Royale decks will add elegance and style to any card game.
The Fujin & Rajin decks are a complementary pair of decks named after two Japanese gods. These are Fujin, the god of the wind, and Raijin, the god of thunder. Blue and red being the two colours of focus for this pair of decks. UK illustrator Fionn Jordan did the artwork, drawing on his experiences in living in Japan and Taiwan, and his experience as a comic artist.
These decks have a very different visual feel from the Casino Royale decks. While it has a clearly Eastern theme and style, it has been produced by a Westerner who was born in the UK. The Japanese theme will particularly appeal to those who have an interest in Oriental culture and ideas, but the fact that it has been created by a European shows that this theme can have a universal appeal.
Most custom decks from the modern era are indebted to Western influences and artwork, so it is refreshing to see some playing cards with a unique flavour. The combination of a garish blue and red that dominates these decks also gives them a very different feel from traditional playing cards.
The Cardistry Calligraphy decks were first released at the 2017 Cardistry Con. The series consists of three decks, a red and blue pair with silver foil lettering on the tuck box, and a more luxurious limited edition gold foil deck with gold accents on the tuck box and on the card backs.
The graphic design of the striking Cardistry Calligraphy decks favours card flourishing, with a bold colour on the card backs that emphasizes colour and shape. The use of ornate calligraphic letters for the court cards is somewhat unusual, but suits the concept of the deck well, especially when used for cardistry. It means that the card faces have a more consistent look, and don't have images that could distract when the cards are in motion.
The design of the court cards and Aces does make these less functional than a typical deck, but that's also what makes it ideal for cardistry. The concept of calligraphy - with its flowing lines and curves - also works very well as a thematic concept that suits card flourishing.
The two basic decks that were part of the Hidden King series were intended to be low-cost decks inspired by the Siberian Tiger. The tuck boxes both feature the same graphic design, with a mono-coloured drawing of a Siberian tiger on the white and yellow fronts.
The goal of the Hidden King deck was to be a budget style traditional deck, with some style and life added courtesy of the artwork on the card backs, and some small elements of customization. Given how nice and clean and practical the cards look, I'd like to think that this mission was accomplished with style.
Super soft cards ensure a very pleasant and satisfying performance to go along with the crisp artwork.
What's going to be of real interest to us as card enthusiasts is the quality of the cards from these TWPCC decks, and how they handle. Card collectors and card flourishers are notoriously fussy about where their playing cards are produced, because it can make a big difference in quality.
The good news is that these playing cards are produced in the same factory that is used by Legends and Expert Playing Card Company. It is located in Taiwan, and reports about playing cards printed there are consistently positive, unlike the mixed reports about decks produced in China. The printing quality of the TWPCC decks seems to be very similar to that of LPCC/EPCC decks. It's very good, with sharp and accurate registration, and clean colours.
Like other Taiwan produced decks, the cut of all these decks is extremely clean, so the edges of the cards don't feel as rough as a standard Bicycle deck; they also faro perfectly and easily. The cards of all these decks are very durable, but don't expect fanning and spreading to remain as consistent over time as what you'd typically experience with a USPCC produced deck.
The performance does also depend on the combination of stock and finish they use, and this can vary. TWPCC uses their own terminology for paper stocks and finishes, so it doesn't compare exactly with the terminology of finishes used by other publishers. The main stock options they appear to make available at present include their Casino stock and their Luxury stock, although they have also used Artist stock for at least one project, which like the Artist stock used by HCPC, is a stiff stock matching the Diamond/Master finish used by LPCC/EPCC.
Casino stock is used for the Casino Royale decks and the pair of Japanese inspired Fujin and Raijin decks. It has a wide embossing pattern that approximates quite closely the Elite/Damask finish used by LPCC/EPCC. The cards have a slightly stiff feel that ensures a high level of durability, and it is firmer and pleasantly snappier than a typical USPCC deck. The overall handling and feel is much like the Classic or Elite finishes from Taiwanese manufacturer LPCC/EPCC.
Luxury stock is used for the Hidden King decks, and handles and feels very differently. Besides the crisp white colour used for the card stock of these decks, it is instantly evident that this is a thinner than normal card stock, which cardists will love, and which corresponds quite closely to the performance and feel of USPCC's crushed stock. I find that it's almost too soft for some card sleights, because accidental folding can result if you're overly aggressive with your moves. But the soft feel means the deck doesn't require any breaking in, and it handles superbly straight from the box. If you like decks with crushed stock from USPCC, then you'll love these cards also. They also have a more traditional air-cushion style embossing pattern that handles smoothly and evenly.
The different stocks primarily refer to the thickness of the cards and the embossing pattern used. There are also different options for the coating that is added afterwards, which impacts the performance as well. The options for this include Magic Finish, Royal Finish, or Legendary Finish, which is similar to the range that Hanson Chien Production Company (HCPC) also uses when printing cards at the same factory.
Other decks
Of course these are not the only TWPCC produced decks out there. There are plenty more, and cardists will especially want to check out some of the decks with the super soft Luxury stock, such as the Vigor Blue deck and the Flow deck. Meanwhile the Kete Moon Special Edition deck uses the Classic stock. Magicians might be interested in the Elemental Master decks (in red and green), which are marked decks, and also incorporate unique elements like astrological signs and ESP symbols. The red and blue Cosmos decks were created to commemorate Horret Wu becoming FISM World Champion of Magic in 2015, and use the Casino stock.
Where to get them? You'll find a selected range of TWPCC produced decks on here.
Want to learn more? - Visit the Taiwan Playing Card Company: Official website, Instagram - Visit their distributer BombMagic: Official website, Facebook, Instagram
Author's note: I first published this article at PlayingCardDecks here.
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The greatest review of Hugh Cook's Chonicles ever written - and it's in German!

This is the best review of Hugh Cook's Chronicles of an Age of Darkness ever written, and it is written in German! English translation below. It's almost perfect.
(Google Translate.)

Genre experiments: Hugh Cook

05/15/16by Dennis Mombauer Comments 2 📷
Hugh Cook's Chronicles of an Age of Darkness is a ten-volume fantasy cycle that uses literary ingenuity and experimental techniques to break through classic genre boundaries, break them and leave them far behind. In addition to a diverse, wacky world and the precise, black-humored rendition of human realities, the author's willingness to experiment is expressed above all in a multitude of voices and perspectives: in his writing style, which changes from volume to volume, and the interconnectivity of the volumes, which tell separate stories, but constantly encounter, influence and overlap.
A guest contribution by Dennis Mombauer .
Fantasy - at least immersive, ie that takes place completely in a secondary world - is contrary to the perhaps obvious intuition, a conservative genre. A world built from scratch, foreign cultures and magic would allow every imaginable long-distance and high-altitude flight of the imagination, but the majority of fantasy authors fall back on the same conventions that were established by Tolkien and his imitators in the middle of the last century. At the beginning of classic fantasy stories there is always a carefully put together, often pseudo-medieval setting dollhouse that is threatened by evil and saved by protagonists, who are dug out of the shared archetype box by their authors. The plot runs on the same, often messianic, rails laid according to Campbell's mono myth, at the end of which the status quo is restored and the readership can lean back contentedly. All too often, fantasy is a »comfort genre« (Williams 2007) that, by tradition, unnecessarily limits its altitude itself and is dragged to the ground by reactionary resentments.

Golden gulags and dark ages

An exception to this rule is the British-New Zealand author Hugh Cook (1956-2008), who remained almost unknown outside of a small fan base and only moderately successful commercially, which could already indicate the experimental nature of his literature. His main works are the "Chronicles of an Age of Darkness", a megalomaniac fantasy cycle of 60 volumes, of which ten were written in the end and published between 1986 and 1992: And these ten volumes fire with such a firework of literary ingenuity and experimental techniques against the grids of the classic genre cage suggest that little more than ash and burned-in shadows remain of them. The world devised by Cook for his "Chronicles" towers as a mountain range over every dollhouse fantasy, is more of a sandbox and construction box than a carefully assembled toy. Individual novels span decades, various continents, islands and regions are visited, and almost everything is possible: pseudomagic »synergetic improbability«, wandering mountains, circularly lined up teleportation doors and arenas with monstrous giant minkes; a space academy whose AI director continues to train pilots even though the spaceships only exist in illusion tanks; mighty banking consortia, wish-fulfilling machine flowers, magic bottles inside magic bottles; ghostly Ilpse, who dissolve when asking questions, the skulls of the deep south, Asmen, the Odex, etc. etc. pp. Integrated into the intercosmic, probability-manipulating mega-civilization of the Nexus, the planet in the center of the setting is a former prison and therapy complex (the "Golden Gulag") that lost all connection to the Nexus thousands of years ago and fell back into a partially medieval post-apocalypse. Such a mixture of fantasy and science fiction elements is not new, and although Cook does it in a very original, often bizarre way (and does not emphasize the extraordinary, just mentions it in passing), it is not what makes it Novels escape the mainstream.

Human and non-human realities

In Cook's world, the potential of almost unlimited possibilities is fully exploited, and yet at the same time it remains down to earth, realistic in the psychology and physiology of its inhabitants. Humans (and human-like life forms) come in a variety of colors and shapes, of which black and white are just the beginning: for example, there are the islanders of Ebrell with their red skin, the purple-colored frangoni, the metallic-gold-skinned, milk-eyed inhabitants von Ling or the green-haired and bearded Slagger Mulps ("two thumbs and three fingers on each hand"; Cook 1988, 83); In addition, there is also a multitude of different ethnic groups, castes, cultures and subcultures:
"As had already been stated, Dog was a member of the Yara, the Unreal underclass of Dalar ken Halvar's dominant people, the Pang. Dog wanted to join the Free Corps, but membership of that august body was largely restricted to Ebrell Islanders and members of the Chem, the wealthy upper class of Dalar ken Halvar's Pang. "(Cook 1992, 46)
Racism, discrimination, pogroms, forced relocations and sometimes tolerance occur between the various groups; For example, the islanders of Ebrell on Untunchilamon are considered alcoholics, troublemakers and, if necessary, scapegoats, while in Dalar ken Halvar they belong to the most influential population groups. Diverse languages ​​and dialects lead to misunderstandings or misunderstandings, local customs are diverse, and there are different currencies, laws, religions and traditions:
“› I demand ‹, he repeated,› to see the ambassador of the Narba Consortium. Don't you understand? Ambassador! ‹But his captors spoke no Gaelish. Nor did they understand High Churl, City Churl, Field Churl, Ashmarlan, Lorp Talk, Estral, Rovac, Ligin or Ling, which was almost the sum-total of the languages ​​Jon Arabin spoke. "(Cook 1988, 375)
Classic fantasy creatures such as dragons, minotaurs, demons or orcs (hunted because of their oily trans and threatened with extinction) exist alongside high-tech machines and post-lovecraftian nightmare creatures, other protagonists are even more unusual: for example Shabble, a former toy , almost indestructible miniature sun or a gigantic hermit crab, which is in fact an inorganic, probability-manipulating entity from the heart of the local star. Cook builds a colorful world full of human (and non-human) abysses, showcasing all the light and dark sides of human nature, and ruthlessly opposing its protagonists. Oppression, torture, disease, hunger, thirst, alcoholism, betrayal, cannibalism and madness are ubiquitous; Armies on the march are constantly threatened by unrest, unrestrained pillage, excesses of violence and desertion; Ships of mutinies, intrigues, storms and sea monsters; Travelers end up in dungeons because they cannot pay a bribe, warriors lose their hands or more (Guest Gulkan loses both arms and legs in the middle of his more than seven hundred-year history). Cook's protagonists are mostly not heroes, not even antiheroes; they are villains and drifters, egoists in search of their own gain, often self-inflicted difficulties in the way, which perish by their own greed or celebrate great successes with their unscrupulous actions - and Cook puts the reader in these characters without taking sides for (or against) them.

A narrator with many tongues ...

A diverse, often wacky world and human realities are not yet experimental in themselves, even if they break with the classic conventions of the fantasy genre in many places - mixtures of SciFi and fantasy abound, merciless medieval realism at the latest with »Game of Thrones ”(albeit clearly after Cook) reached the mainstream. There are primarily two peculiarities that highlight the Chronicles series and perhaps cannot be found anywhere else in a comparable form: On the one hand, Cook's writing style, which changes in each volume, always maintains a certain distance and thus one (or more) additional ones to the story Level (s) conferred; and on the other hand the fact that the novels all tell closed stories, but constantly overlap, intersect and illuminate the same events from different angles. First to Cook's writing style, which makes him an omniscient, constantly commenting narrator, who delves into digressions (comparable to Moers' Mythenmetzschen digressions) and punishes "show, don't tell" rules with contempt:
"[Gouda Muck] was, quite possibly, the only atheist in the city of Cam. Most citizens enjoyed the practice of religion - indeed, for many devout souls, its consolations were all that made life worth living. But Gouda Muck was born to be a dissident. He refused to believe in the demon Hagon, far less to worship that formidable eater of souls. He also avoided those sacred religious duties usually accepted even by unbelievers, viz: patronizing the temple casinos; copulating with the temple prostitutes; playing the temple numbers game; going to the temple cockfights; participating in the human sacrifices. His main objection to all the above activities was that they cost an exorbitant amount of money. "(Cook 1988, 58-59)
Cook takes the typical genre elements - the young hero who sets out into the world, the battles, the prophecies, the ancient magicians - and confronts them with the psychological mechanisms and dark spots that are usually left out. The hero goes out into the world and comes back without having learned anything; the rightful heir moves out to take his throne and is broken and traumatized along the way; the revolutionary realizes that the story is not about him. Clichés and conventions are deconstructed without the story stalling, and Cook observes and comments on all of this from a withdrawn observer position that combines black humor and dry understatement:
"Another vessel was connected to the Gol-sa-danjerk by grappling hooks. Copious quantities of blood on the deck suggested that the connection had not been entirely welcome. Indeed, Drake observed that most of the crew had become corpses. "(Cook 1988, 82)
A remarkable element is the fact that the language changes with the narrator in each volume and appears almost as a separate character with idiosyncrasies and a multitude of idiosyncrasies. What in the first volume could almost pass as the voice of a traditional fantasy writer is in the fifth volume the cynical commentator on a picaresque story; in volume 3, a female point of view is adopted, which is rather rare in fantasy, which, according to the author, is one of the reasons for the series' commercial failure. (Cook 2005) The sixth volume consists of the recordings of an inmate of the Dromdanjerie, the psychiatric institution on the island of Untunchilamon, which are packed into different meta-levels à la House of Leaves: The records were first used by the »redactors of Odrum« with enormous amounts (» a full two million words «, Cook 1990, 5) provided with explanations and insertions, which in turn were cut out by another authority so that only the voices of a few prominent editors remained (as the preface to the preface explains). The seventh volume consists of the diary-like writing of the same inmate, who now seems cured of his madness and has dispensed with the commentary levels; Volume 8 is thematically based on Nordic sagas and takes place entirely at night, Volume 9 gets lost in technical debauchery on the nexus and (pseudo) scientific explanations. Most of these volumes alone would be reason enough to declare Cook's work to be experimental, but each of them represents only one of the ten facets of innovation and originality, which together form a colorful kaleidoscope.

... and a narrator with many eyes

The other big experiment of the »Chronicles« is the fact that each band tells its own story, has its own protagonists and locations, but is still linked to the other stories and constantly has interfaces. For example, the central protagonist of the tenth volume is introduced on the first page of the first book and appears in a large number of other volumes, sometimes only as a brief encounter, sometimes as an apparent deus ex machina or antagonist. A frequently cited example is a scene from The Walrus and the Warwolf in which Drake Douay is led into the torture chamber of the local ruler Watashi:
"Watashi's private torture chamber was a soundproof room containing a narrow wooden bench, which bore an ominous number of russet stains, and many ugly implements of iron. Drake did his thinking - and fast. Clearly posing as an innocent peddlar was not going to save him. "(Cook 1988, 352)
The same scene is exposed as a psychological trick in the next book from Watashi's perspective:
"[Drake] was gagged and taken to an abandoned store room. Over the last three days, this had been converted into a horror house. Many ugly implements of iron had been gathered together; a torture bench had been installed; and Jarl had slaughtered a chicken in the room to make sure it was suitably blood-bespattered. "(Cook 1989, 303)
The scene is one element of many, and even more than direct encounters, numerous descriptions and reports of events ensure that the ten volumes taken together are reminiscent of a more trashy version of Rashomon or a more extensive and complex anticipation of films like Babel or 21 Grams. Information spreads uncontrollably, and the events of one novel become the distorted rumors and legends of the next and the one after that; Due to geographical distances and inadequate means of transport, messages reach other places with enormous delay, and there is hardly anyone who does not constantly lie for his own benefit. Again and again the protagonists of other volumes play supporting roles, are mentioned in reports or set in motion events in the background that appear from the respective perspective like unchangeable fate, but in their own story are quite normal actions. Conflicts do not arise from the fact that some characters are good and others are bad; they arise from conflicting motivations, insufficient information and often pure coincidence.

Limitations and limits exceeded

There would be a lot more to say about Hugh Cook, about his biography which is closely related to the novels, his short stories, his crazy homepage (unfortunately only available via Wayback Machine or similar), his later novels such as To Find and Wake the Dreamer or even just to the titles of his "Chronicles" volumes, which range from the classic (The Wizards and the Warriors) to the comical (The Walrus and the Warwolf) to the exotic (The Wishstone and the Wonderworkers) - but time and space are limited, and therefore it must suffice to sum up that he explored the scope of the genre with his novels, far exceeded the limits and dared the experiments that classic fantasy so urgently needs.
Cook, Hugh (1988): The Walrus and the Warwolf. London: Corgi Books Cook, Hugh (1989): The Wicked and the Witless. London: Corgi Books. Cook, Hugh (1990): The Wishstone and the Wonderworkers. London: Corgi Books. Cook, Hugh (1992): The Worshipers and the Way. London: Corgi Books. Cook, Hugh (2005): (accessed via Wayback Machine; as of July 22, 2012) Willams, Tad (2007): Interview. (as of November 28, 2013)
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The MonoMono Machine

After following his map for about 5 minutes, he arrives at the casino. Upon going inside, the MonoMono Machine in the back catches his eye.
Alright. Let's see here...
989 Monocoins. He had wasted 10 of them on the rigged machine at the Monokuma's MonoMono Mart.
Eh, it's fine. I can work with this.
He remembers what Monokuma said as he exited the MonoMono Mart. "Good luck!"
...I'll show you, Build-a-Bear Reject.
He places a coin inside. He hears an item fall into a slot.
Yes! It worked!
Out pops a Man's Nut.
He throws it on the ground, and stomps on it, breaking it.
Phew...not today, you vile nut. Not today.
...I'm gonna be here a while, aren't I?
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La trama narco detrás de la caída de los fiscales y del “arrepentido empresario” del juego

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Connecting all the dots

❗️ READ ❗️
Maybe I'm on a roll today Maybe I just have a lot to say
you have to read this with a open mind, not as a republican or a democrat, but as a human being to be able to understand. take the blinders off for a sec and just hear me out without passing judgement
I used to keep my Conspiracy Beliefs to myself mainly because I'm a pretty private person and dont really like sharing my beliefs and I know how it is perceived by other people, how "impossible" it is for something like that to happen, you’re wrong and seen as a crazy person... which if you think I’m crazy then I guess we weren’t ever friends in the 1st place
The NWO has always been my "favorite(not in a good way)" conspiracy, or the one ive always researched more than others
There is a Global Power Struggle going on amongst the elites behind closed doors
But I’m seeing people I know start to open up their minds and go down some of these same rabbit holes that I have been in for years... some of these people being the people who were commenting on my original COVID post months ago about how way off I was, and how serious and deadly the virus was going to be...., and seeing that has inspired me to share my own thoughts from my research
I’m not asking you to believe in the conspiracies. I’m just asking you to think about with a open mind. Look at the connections. Connect the dots yourself and do your own research and form your own opinion.
But before doing so you have to understand 2 things... 1. The MSM controls us by triggering us to immediately react to our emotions, mainly with death & race being the big 2, because we are a reactionary society (which in turn forms as a habit, so we've essentially been trained, and then we start responding to people out of reactions but thats a different story for a different day)
  1. You have to understand that when it comes to the money involved with the elite... it’s an amount so large, that we can’t comprehend how powerful that amount of money is and what it can do for you, Because the elite are the wealthiest of the wealthy, and when you have that much money and powerful friends to go along with it, you have power and control, you can buy anything or anyone - all you need are the right people and systems surrouding you - money is the root of all evil correct? follow the paper trail
Now I’ll start with my 1st red flag
When the COVID pandemic started, I was in Fort Lauderdale, Florida playing baseball every morning with about 200 other dudes. With how contagious the virus was and continuing to spread like wildfire, South Florida was deemed as one of the hot beds for the virus During this time I spent in Florida, I also went to the Casino about 10 times (and yes I came out ahead for the whole trip) which was said to be one of the most contagious places you could go My family, including my 2 grandparents came to visit me for a week, where we also went gambling 3 different times. So after a month (middle of February - March 20th) of swapping sweat with 200 other guys everyday, consistently going to a gym which was in SoFlo, and as many times as I went to the casino... - I came home as soon as the stay at home quarantine orders were going into place because we had gotten shut down from playing baseball. I was bound to bring to virus home and get sick right? Then I got home and I started working Door Dash and Instacart, where I was coming into direct contact with people every day, all while not wearing a mask nor gloves, just sanitizing my hands between each delivery. Now through all that,... and when I say this dont get distracted from the point im trying to make... thankfully obviously, but from being in such a hot bed of where the virus was spreading, not only did I not get sick, but neither did 1 of the guys I was down in Florida with
I thought this virus was SOOO contagious?
Now, I'm not saying the virus isn't real. I think the virus is very real, but I think it was intentionally mishandled to spread fear amongst the public so that the masses could be controlled through the media and directed the direction the media is wanting to push them to just like herding sheep - fear mongering -and unfortunately the people who had underlying issues and were put on ventilators had to suffer from being intentionally murdered by suffocation (what a coincidence that so many people (including me and my immediate family - I lost 15 pound in January from being sick) were complaining of the same symptoms as COVID in November, December, and January... and if you really want to dig, some even go as far back as last summer June - August. but when tested for flu, they all came back as a Respiratory Infection... the virus was already here.... Why?
Now on to some of my bullet proof points to show you "the new normal" as the media outlets are calling it. What could be so different that it is having to be recognized as "the new normal" after a pandemic? Do you mean its a New Normal because of the changes the New World Order is going to create globally?
Hmm.. things are getting interesting, now lets take a look
-They’ve created “the new normal” and programmed it to be repeated over and over again by media outlets across the country... What could possibly be so new about it?
-They’ve programmed you to wear a mask everywhere you go, which leads to you breathing in your own carbon dioxide, which has lead to multiple cases of people getting infections in the lining of their lungs from breathing in their own Carbon Dioxide for such a long period of time (where could I get such information like this if the MSM isn't telling me, straight from peoples 1st hand encounters who were sharing their story) and breathing in the Carbon Dioxide for an extended period of time can cause Asphyxiation... hmm that word looks familiar, isn't that the same cause of death that George Floyd suffered from? (dont get your panties in a wad, im merely connecting the dots for you, im not saying GF death wasn't wrong, or that it was staged, or that he died from his masks, just giving you the puzzle pieces)
-Unemployment has now soared to an all time high, at a time when the African American unemployment rate was at a all time low
-Stock market began crashing
-Small business were told that they couldn't operate, only big corporations were being pushed to open up, who are funded by the elite (Target - George Soros) (NWO)
-Cities are now burning
-Now there is racial tension everywhere you look, its almost as if they are trying to divide us... do you know why?.. (To divide and conquer, but you can only divide and conquer if their are 2 parties (Democrat/Republican) that are split up and put against eachother, so they will cause a distraction over here so we can do something while you aren’t paying attention over here) (remember when those Astronauts went to space in the middle of a pandemic "Social Distancing", at the same time Joe Biden tells black people they arent black if they dont vote for him, and then mere days later race wars are burning the country?)
-During the last few days of protest, there is a vast majority of human beings of all colors who are protesting peacefully, along with cops protesting with them. But they arent showing you the way people are coming together and uniting, no they are showing you the looting and rioting to make you believe there is a racial divide so that we will stay divided and continue pointing fingers at who's fault it is
-Speaking of riots and protests, These are being pushed by the extreme left and right to make you believe that there is a divide. Remember that man in all Black destroying Autozone windows in broad daylight during the Peaceful Protests That same night, what was the big corporate store that got looted again? oh thats right, TARGET! which Is directly funded by George Soros who owns more than 550,000 shares of Target stock, 544,000 were bought in the 1st quarter of 2011
-Remember the funding of The WHO by Bill Gates? why would someone want so much stake in the World Health Organization. Is it so that he can manipulate the COVID numbers as he sees fit to make sure the sheep are herded in the right direction. and why is someone who's claim to fame is creating the internet (technology) be so involved in a virus/pandemic. Could it be his obsession of Population Control which he has openly talked about for years, as well as saying that every human should be vaccinated (when he doesnt even vaccinate his own kids)((his wife did an interview on tv where she was openly wearing a upside down cross, Satanic Symbolism?)) its also interesting how 2 of his closest buddies are Dr Facui and George Soros.. hmm...
-Then we have the President, before you read this, you can't read it with the hatred you have for Trump, read it just as "the president" with no other name or image attached. The President begins to take hydroxychloroquine which is proven to fight COVID, but yet the MSM continue to berate the president and discredits the affects of hydroxychloroquine. Why would they do that? to continue the divide? to make the president look bad in front of the nation? if the most protected person on the planet is taking a medicine that is proven to be working against a virus at pandemic levels... wouldnt you share the same medicine with the nation to protect your citizens? hmmm
-Property taxes will now go up due to the destruction from riots which were caused by extremist from the left and right... when people don’t have any money because they are unemployed or because the government told them their livelihood wasn't essential? But dont worry, You can file unemployment and we'll send you enough to get by, just to keep you happy and distract you from your freedoms disappearing
-The WHO has now been discredited with the information they have been giving out. The virus no longer spreads on surfaces and along with the inflation of numbers to frighten the population
-34 out of 50 states had more flu deaths in 2018 than Corona. Why did we shut down? 2 more of those states.. Georgia and Washington had COVID deaths that were similar to 2018 Flu Deaths. so 36 out of 50 states had less or equivalent to the same amount of deaths as the Flu, but were worried about a virus that has higher odds than getting struck by lightning? What about all the people that got killed in Chicago over Memorial Day weekend... crickets
-Blue states have continued to stay closed despite the numbers showing that its okay to open back up. Why would they stay closed and continue to affect their citizens, health and income. is it because they are intentionally trying to divide you?
-lets not forget for you mask wearers, stay at home people. and germaphobes, once you are acclimated back to society, you'll be at more of a risk to getting sick due to your immune system being low from not coming in contact with bacteria... Remember how many more people die from Flu than COVID? (Population control?) (wear your mask forever?)
-Now you’re wondering why they would be going through all of this and what the end game is. Seeing how our rights have been continued to be taken away, your freedom of speech is being censored online, they have taken away your ability to work and have instead made people rely on the government to survive, through their corporate companies which put more money in their pockets and have crushed the every day average farmer that feeds the whole nation, instead they cut food supply, raise meat prices, and are trying to only use corporate farms where everything is injected with hormones and who knows what else ( is a war over the shortage of food coming next? ) Once America starts becoming a Socialist country, they are closer to a world control with NWO, Next up… America becomes a country of Communism and now the Elite control the world, How? They are in control of the most powerful country in the history of mankind, they have enough money to last for lifetimes (money is power) and they also control The WHO where they decide which vaccinations and medicines you get, along with having a “DR” on board
And for all of you Truth Seekers who continue to “fact check” every post because “you read it on the internet so it can’t be true” …. Okay Becky, if the MSM on TV is being controlled to create a certain narrative, what makes you think that the same narrative wouldn’t be pushed on social media by censoring posts that go against the direction they are trying to point you to. This is America, Don’t we have something called the Freedom of Speech which allows us to say what we want, where we want, including the internet
Now after reading all that and people still continue to think something isn’t up? 🤔 There are too many coincidences, and that’s only in a matter of 3 MONTHS!!!
Are You Awake Yet?
Now what I encourage you to do, research for yourself, and not through the MSM either where they control the narrative, I’m talking about research from actual humans, who have 1st hand accounts and you can pull from peoples personal experiences and form your own opinion.
This isn’t a matter of Political Parties.. Democrat vs Republicans. This is the Human Race vs The Corrupt Elite and if you can't see that then "You are part of the problem" We as humans need to recognize this before it’s too late and human life as we know it is gone
Are you scared or Are you ready to fight?
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Securely generate 24-word Mnemonic using Dice

Disclaimer: This is for education purposes only. This is quite advanced for the average user. If you are to going to protect funds with a mnemonic generated using this method, use only a verified copy of tails and do all processes in a completely secure offline environment.
Let me begin by saying there is nothing to suggest that the RNG used in popular software/hardware wallets is flawed. The generation process uses TRNG's certified from 3rd parties which should satisfy the large majority of users. However, if you are the type that trusts no one and you want to verify your BIP39 Mnemonic is truly random or you just want to find out how it works, then you must generate it yourself.
The process itself is straightforward, The BIP39 dictionary contains 2048 words, each of these words represents 11 binary bits (0 or 1). A 24-word Mnemonic consists of 23 Words and a Checksum word. To create our own mnemonic we start by generating 256 bits of random binary then calculating the rest of the checksum. There is many ways to randomly generate the binary, but specifically for this tutorial we use six-sided dice. (If you have another means of generating the 256-bits, such as coin flips, then jump straight to step 10)
The entire process will be done only using tools built-in to tails. All base converisons will be done in the linux terminal using the 'bc' or Basic Calculator command. Calculating the checksum will use python standard library.
Tools needed:

Create BIP39 Mnemonic with Dice

Picture Album -
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4 years of hell: my story

Hello Mr Reddit and the REEEEEE army. I originally posted my story in EntitledPeople but I would love to share my story of 4 years of absolute hell (yes, this is permission to make a video of my story), and if anyone wants to read it there also, go ahead. I can guarantee there are a few details there that I forgot to include here, and vice versa. This is the story of a manipulative gaslighting ass (EX, currently 27 M) who saw a girl (me, currently 26) with stars in her eyes and saw an opportunity to crush them one by one. Maybe it can give someone else hope of escaping a bad situation.
My story will be split into each year (each year starting with June 13 as that was our dating anniversary), and what happened when. I might not remember exact dates, as my divorce was finalized in 2017, but I will try my hardest to remember.
Cast: Me, a hopeless romantic that has grown enough to recognize and not put up with BS...... and EX, the entitled ass whom this entire story is about (things I now recognize as RED FLAGS will be labeled), and others will be introduced when they come up....
TLDR: Gaslighting, narcissistic, manipulative EX preys on my naivete, and makes 4 years become 1950s subservient housewife slavery, forcing me into bedroom activities, and getting angry when I don't cater to every little thing that pops into his ego-inflated head
Backstory: I have always lived with my parents. I have also always had a great relationship with them, and we were always close-knit. My siblings (21M, and 19F) never really had as close a relationship with our parents as I did. They always preferred to hang out with their friends rather than their family. I was always the "weirdo" in school and didn't really have friends because middle schoolers can be bitches. My parents had a one-in-a-million relationship, until my dad died this past April. It was pretty much a match made in heaven. They met in 1992 and just KNEW they would be married, and together forever. A week later they started dating. I came along in 1994, but due to some government mumbo-jumbo they couldn't get married or else they would lose their food stamps (they find a loophole a year later, and I pick their wedding date with chocolate pudding covered fingers). They had been married until my dad's death 25 years, and didn't argue EVER (amazing I know, I can hardly believe they were so lucky). I always hoped I would find a love like that.
BEFORE DATING: We first met when I was a freshman (15) and he was a sophomore (16). We had gym class together, and would usually talk before the end-of-class bell with a mutual friend R who went to church with me (I no longer go to that church). He was gone a lot, but I didn't really know him back then, so I really didn't care whatsoever.
YEAR 1: One day, about a month or so after I turned 19 (either late March or early April 2013), I was at Wal-Mart with my mom, my sister, and a female cousin (who was living with us at the time). We were looking at makeup, nail polish, hair products etc. At this Wal-Mart, the Beauty section was right next to the Pet section. I walked down to the pet section to look at the fish with my little sister, and a mutual friend J1 snuck up behind me and gave me a hug. I noticed EX was with him, along with J1's mom (who is literally batshit crazy), and someone else who I also went to school with, J2. We talked for a good half an hour before I had to find my mom, and they (J1, J2, EX) had to go. I thought nothing else of it. Another month or so later, I got a message on Facebook from EX's brother. He said that EX sent him a letter, and he wanted his brother to send it to me on Facebook. It was sweet, and he said he wanted us to start dating, and he would even ask my parents if he could. He did. In June, he showed up on my front porch (I would later learn that he had come to my house straight from jail, which sweet, simple, hopeless romantic me had no clue was a RED FLAG), I invited him in, and he asked my parents if he could have the honor of dating me. They said yes, and we were exclusive. He was very sweet at the beginning. Always buying me pop (soda, for all you non-Michiganders) and my favorite candy bars. Our first Halloween as a couple was spent with me sick on the couch, and him being allowed to spend the night to take care of me. Our first Christmas as a couple was spent with him in jail for unpaid fines (RED FLAG), and after he got out, we spent the entire next week together from the time I woke up, until I reluctantly crawled into bed. He would come over before I awoke, and he wouldn't leave until I was wrapped in my blanket and I could hear him telling my parents good-night. It was great. In May 2014. he had some problems with his grandma (she wasn't really his grandma. He was living at her house with his cousins (C, the "main" cousin, we add to the cast), and she was THEIR grandma, so EX just called her grandma), so my parents, EX and I had a discussion and my parents said he could move in. So, we move a spare bed into the basement (at this time the cousin we had living with us had moved out, and there were only 3 other people living with us), sharing with another couple (also cousins) living with us. So, after he moved in and being young and in love, we started THAT (this will come into play later). I soon found out that he had a "job" of sorts, helping his cousin's dad (CD) cutting down trees and splitting them for firewood (reliable side income for many in Michigan). Over the next 4 months, he would go to help them with firewood. Sometimes I went with him, just to get out of the house.
YEAR 2 (starting 3 weeks or so after EX moved in): Within those 4 months mentioned in the previous "year", any time I went with him, CD would take his wife, C, and EX to "reward EX and C at the casino for hard work"....... And CD and wife would have me babysit their 4 brats while they were gone (putting it nicely, they were the definition of crotch goblins). So I didn't go much. One day in September we YEAH, and I went home the day after. He came home the day after I did. (NOTE: THIS IS WHERE THAT COMES INTO PLAY) About 3 weeks later, we went to his cousin's mom's (CM) place, because EX had agreed to help his cousin (C2, C's younger brother) clean his room. I was kind of chatting, small talk with CM. I had mentioned to her that we YEAH a few weeks ago. She asked me if I wanted to take a pregnancy test. I said "Sure, why not. Can't hurt. The worst is it could be negative" (ever since I was a little girl, I had always wanted to be a wife and mother). So I peed on it, and BIG REVEAL, IT'S POSITIVE! Very faint, but enough to tell it was there. I told EX because he was done helping C2, and he was just as happy as I was. But at the same time, he kept saying "Your dad's gonna kill me, isn't he?" So we went home. I pulled my parents out on the porch, and EX and I break the news "You're gonna be grandparents!" They were a little disappointed that we didn't wait until we were married (but they didn't either, so......). The next day I made an appointment to see my family doctor to confirm. He confirmed I was about 4 weeks along. He also said that since most of the OBs and midwives around that took medicaid did an ultrasound on the first visit, they would schedule my first visit about 7 or 8 weeks. I finally made an appointment for a midwife visit and starting WIC. I passed the next 3 weeks telling my friends and family. Everyone screamed with excitement, and offered congratulations. Finally my midwife appointment came! I excitedly relayed all the needed information, took in all the information she gave me, and then we headed down the hall to the ultrasound room. Imagine my surprise when I see on the screen TWINS!!!! EX was in the room with me first, and then I asked him to get my mom, but tell her it's a surprise. My mom came in the room and she was also very excited. But it was not all happy. Only one twin was alive. The other measured as though it had died within the previous few days. But still, I had a child inside me. I was growing a life. And I felt great. I had a relatively easy pregnancy. No morning sickness, no back pain, not really anything uncomfortable. But it was after my 2nd or 3rd midwife appointment that EX decided to go to CD's place more often (RED FLAG). His excuse was always "I don't want to stress you out" or "They need my help with XYZ". At the time I thought, ok, whatever. I guess he thinks it helps me. But no, I found out that every single time he went over there, they went to the casino, and he spent every last penny that he was "paid" for "helping" (RED FLAG). We finally ended up getting married a couple weeks after my 21st birthday (side note: I kept telling everybody "I can't drink, you do it for me!"). After we got married, I had a few labor scares. At the end of April, I had another labor scare (I was only at 34 weeks). Mom and EX took me to the hospital, and I was then sent to another hospital that had a NICU just in case my baby came early. EX got mad at ME for constantly having to drop everything and "take my ass to the hospital", and then said "I'm going to CD's house, I'm not talking to you, and when I get back this shit better be under control" (RED FLAG). Like, dude, I CANNOT CONTROL THIS!!!! Everything settled down, and at my next midwife appointment, they told me that I had mono, and that is what caused my labor scare. Little did I know that shortly after that I really would go into labor.... May: Labor started around 2AM. I woke EX, and he kept saying "Go back to bed". Uh, no, this is the real thing, no mistake this time. I wouldn't let it go, so we both got up. I was excited to finally meet my baby! We woke up his mom (EXM) (who had come for my baby shower 2 days prior, and we were letting her stay for 2 weeks). My dad was already awake, as he always had intuition about stuff like that. I remember when we walked out of our bedroom, my dad immediately said "You're in labor aren't you?" So I gave him a wide smile and a thumbs up. I called Maternity, to the midwife on call and explained what was going on. She said to come in, and that it sounded like it was go time. I told her that I would let my mom finish her shift at work, and we would be in shortly after. She said to call her before we leave, and she would let staff on the floor know that she would have a patient here in about 2 hours. After my mom pulled in the driveway, EX and I met her outside and I said "Don't bother turning the van off. It's time". From 2AM, 19 1/2 hours later my beautiful baby girl was born. My mom was the hero of the day, not EX. He went down to the main road every hour or so to smoke a cigarette. He slept through my worst pain because "he was tired" (no shit, you think I'm not????) (RED FLAG both). My mom was by my side the whole time. She held my hand through everything. Asshole EX couldn't be bothered with caring for his laboring wife..... Hell, my mom even cut my daughter's cord because "Damn that's gross!!!".... Through our next 48 hours (hospital policy), he was at the main road to smoke, or walking to Taco Bell more than he was in my room. It was like he didn't even care. When my mom came to pick all 3 of us up, she brought with her my grandma (my maternal grandmother), and EXM. Funny side note: while waiting for my release paperwork to be brought around, EXM told EX "I didn't know you could make something that cute" (XD). After I was released, EXM paid for all of us to get McDonalds. We got home and everyone was waiting to see my little princess (EX and I ACTUALLY AGREED that no one could post pictures, and that we wouldn't post pictures either, until after we returned home). My other grandma (paternal grandmother) and my aunt were helping my cousin (aunt's daughter, not the same cousin from the beginning of my story) (I also have stories about them, but they will be told some other time) at our house. My aunt and my cousin went to Wal-Mart the previous day to buy a bed (play yard/playpen with bassinet insert) for my baby, as my parents weren't able to buy it yet, so aunt and cousin basically saved them some money by buying my daughter's bed. Everyone oohed and aahed. We were happy. But after the excitement wore off a few days later and everyone went home, EX..... Well..... He was complaining about my siblings spending too much time on games, and tried using force to get them off the games (RED FLAG). A huge fight ensued after my sister basically called him a hypocrite (because in all honesty, he was being one. He was on his own games just as much, if not MORE than my siblings). Things got heated, he went to CD's house, and I went with him (though I now know I should have stayed home because the whole time we were at CD's house, he complained about the fight and tried to defend himself for being in the right.... No, no you were not EX) (RED FLAG). We stayed at CD's house and went back home the next day. Things were kind of tense at home. EX was gone a lot more than usual. After we took his mom back home, everything in our relationship took a turn for the worse. RED FLAGS everywhere. He would be gone all day with his friends, smoking weed and playing Magic the Gathering (a card game my family and I had long given up), or with C and CD. When he was with his friends, he would come home just shortly before or after sunrise. If I was awake he would badger me for YEAH. If I didn't relent, he would huff down to the basement to "relieve himself". That would also happen if I was asleep, or pretended to be. Many times he would fall asleep downstairs and I would have to wake him up to fix himself, to make sure my kid sister (or anyone else for that matter) didn't see him indecently.
YEAR 3 (starts when my daughter is about 6 weeks old): RED FLAGS continuing from previous year: Whenever he was gone during the day, or staying with C and CD, he would demand I clean everything on an unwritten list, but who gives a damn if I have to take care of a newborn? I needed to clean first! Let her cry!!! I didn't clean what was on his damn list. I was taking care of my baby, doing my best to give her the best start in life. Oh, no, he didn't care. To him I was nothing more than a slave, put on this earth to cater to his every whim and satisfy his every need. "Take care of the baby on your own time! Worship the ground I walk on!"....... If I didn't have done what HE wanted done, he would yell, punch walls, pretty much everything short of shooting a gun (that if he did, he would be in violation of probation). He would always say "I'm going to CD's house. I don't know how long I'm staying there, but I'm turning my phone off. I'm not messaging you, I'm not calling you. I think I might have them take me to the courthouse so I can file for divorce!" See, every time His Majesty didn't get what he wanted, his number 1 tactic to "get me to change" was threaten divorce (this will be important later). This went on for quite a while. I was starting to realize I was happier when he was gone, but I thought it was because I didn't love him enough..... In mid to late December (maybe around the 20th?) we went to pick up EXM, so she wouldn't have to be alone for Christmas, and she would stay with us until after New Years. On the 23rd, EX got into a verbal fight with pretty much my entire family. With my parents over his constant use of the basement (which EX constantly called "his man cave"). With my uncle, B, over his poor treatment of me, EXM, and my daughter and how he's never home like a man should be. With my siblings, over what I can't remember now, but EVERYONE was pissed off at EX. So he did what he ALWAYS did, he called CD and begged to be picked up. EXM followed us into our bedroom so she could talk with EX. He turned to me (a few times while waiting for CD to get him) and said "Are you gonna be a good wife, and show them that you're on my side, and come with me?"...... No. No, I absolutely will not. We had plans for Christmas Eve, to visit family that we rarely got to see, and DAMMIT I AM NOT SHRUGGING OFF A VISIT WITH MY FAMILY SO YOU CAN THROW A PITY PARTY!!!!! So he left. We took EXM with us to visit my extended family, and everyone enjoyed themselves (I had a nice healthy cry of bottled up emotions over EX's outburst the previous day and him not being there with me). But I felt better afterward and joined my family once again. We all left in high spirits. EX came back early Christmas morning, and acted like everything was fine. It was not. He refused to apologize for anything. The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. The tension was there to stay. In a couple of months, for our anniversary, he went to CD's house again. This time it was only for a few hours. He came back with pop (soda), my favorite candy bar, and a small bouquet of flowers, trying to erase all his wrongdoings. It didn't work. Those "thoughtful" things were only a bandaid solution to the real problem... Things would only get worse. For the rest of this "year" he was gone more than he was home, "because he couldn't stand being married to a lazy useless wife who doesn't do her job right, or any job at all", but he asked for YEAH less, and for that I was happy.
YEAR 4 (starts when my daughter is just over a year old) (Here comes the roller coaster, so buckle up for a long bumpy ride): He was gone 90% of the time. When he was home, he was starting fights with my family over stupid shit. He never apologized for anything. Hell, he STILL never apologizes for anything. But to be fair, I have him blocked on Facebook because of non-stop harassment..... Anyway, it was at this point I became almost apathetic in my marriage and relationship with him. I clung to my family and my daughter. They (and my dogs) were the only things that brought me joy. The final straw was Halloween (which we don't celebrate anymore, because reasons). Now, where I live, getting ready to trick or treat on Halloween is pretty much an all day thing. So I was getting my daughter and myself ready. EX headed toward the door and said "I want X Y and Z taken care of before I get back, or you can just take those damn costumes off right now." I didn't care, so I continued getting my daughter and I ready. He came back and said in a sickeningly sweet voice "You didn't get (tasks) done, but, because I love you sooooooooo much, you can still go. I'm probably gonna be at CD's before you get back, and I'll probably be gone for a couple days, because they need my help." So we went trick or treating. Then when we got back, I went to my bedroom to get my phone, as I had left it home to charge because I didn't have a vehicle charger. I went in my bedroom, and there, sitting on my charging phone, was his wedding ring. I was confused. I was hurt. I called EX, because I thought surely there must be some explanation. "Oh, yeah. It slipped off as I was putting on my jacket"..... Yeah, I called BULLSHIT!!!! That ring was so tight on his finger that it took some serious muscle to pull off. It COULD NOT just slip off. It was put there on purpose. I was stunned, and I ran to my parents for comfort. They dried my tears, and gave me courage. (Here is where the divorce threatening comes into play) They said "Well, if EX wants a divorce, give it to him. You know we're behind you and support you 100%." So I messaged him "I am done. I am leaving your things on the porch. You can get them and then leave." Within 20 minutes, he was in the driveway, trying to sweet talk his way back into my heart. My dad and uncle B were backing me up. I pushed EX away while handing him his things. EX got irate and started yelling, threatening to kick my dad's bad leg, accusing my parents of brainwashing me. No, EX. I haven't seen or thought more clearly in a long time. YOU have been brainwashing me..... The next weekday (I can't remember if it was Nov 1, or what date), I filed for divorce. Due to BS "squatter's rights" (because he lived at our house more than 6 months) my parents had to formally evict him. He had to be out within 30 days. Over the course of November, I spent most of the month at my paternal grandmother's, just down the road, because when I would stay at home, EX would wait until my dad and uncle were asleep, sneak into my bedroom, and sweet talk his way into YEAH. After he finished, he would go to his friend's house, and when my dad and uncle woke up again, they asked me what happened. We all agreed that shouldn't happen anymore. My dad told me that when EX was at home, milking that eviction notice for all it was worth, he would constantly play games on his phone. If he noticed anyone watching him, he would cry and mourn our marriage. Whenever EX left, my dad would call grandma's house and tell me it was safe to come back home. I would hand my daughter over to my mom, and get on the computer to check Facebook messages and whatnot. As soon as EX saw that I was available and online, he would rush back, and I would rush back to my grandma's. When there was about a week left before his final date, he walked down to my grandma's house. I answered the door, and EX was all smiles for my daughter. He was talking to her, but it was loud and directed at me "Daddy's got a lawyer, I'm getting a job soon, and my own apartment. Daddy's doing a good job to get you back!" I took my daughter back from him, and my grandma took her from me (note: fiery redhead with a temper to match) while she said to him "THE HELL YOU ARE! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE ON MY DAMN PORCH?!?!".... and a loud argument ensued. My cousin (aunt's daughter) and her kids were also staying for a little while (her husband has a job that he's only home on the weekends). I brought all 3 kids inside, mine and her two, while grandma, cousin, and aunt were giving EX the ass-chewing of a lifetime. As he walked away down the road, grandma yelled after him "YOU STEP FOOT ON THIS PROPERTY AGAIN, I'M CALLING THE COPS ON YOUR SORRY ASS!". A few days later, he came back. This time it was night. Cousin's two kids were sleeping, my daughter was sleeping on my shoulder. I took my daughter inside when I saw him because I knew there would be yelling. There was. A lot. The cops were called, and they agreed to take him back to my parent's house because "with each party of a domestic dispute at different addresses, there's nothing we can do, except to return the wrong party to the rightful location" (fucking cops in my area, dumb as a box of rocks.....) So, EX finished out his notice, and had a memo notarized saying he would give up all rights to the house and property at (our address). For many nights in a row, I sat awake in terror, because I could smell weed outside my window. One night, he knocked on the window at 3AM begging me to let him in. It was because of that night, that my daughter (only about 19 months old at this point) began to suffer from night terrors. Sometimes, she still does to this day.... I woke my dad, the cops were called, and EX was caught a few houses down the street from matching boot prints. Every time I smelled weed outside my window, I woke my dad, and we called the cops. It took 3 times doing that before he went to jail. When he got out again, he didn't sneak around outside my window anymore. He just rode his bike by my house all the time, camped in our bushes out in the backyard (but we never actually caught him doing that, as he wasn't there at daybreak). When it was close to my birthday, EX decided that he was going to start his visitation AN OVERNIGHT THE DAY BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY......... I was devastated. It shattered my heart. I knew he only wanted to do that BECAUSE it was going to be my birthday... I cried, but I got my daughter ready that morning. She screamed bloody murder when he took her out the door with a smug look on his damn face. Throughout the day, he called the house to brag. Every one of my family members were in tears. Then, gloriously, EX called and asked if someone could pick them up. My heart was mended and a million times lighter! My mom, dad, uncle B, grandma, and me piled into the vehicle because I'M BRINGING MY BABY HOME DAMMIT!!!!!! We get to where he stayed that night, and my daughter was overjoyed to see me. He tried to be sneaky and kiss me, but I nipped that in the bud. On the way back home, he said "When we get back, she's sleeping in the living room with me. It's still my visit." When we got home he changed his tune "Ok, she can sleep in the bedroom"... I slept very well that night. Throughout the next 2 months, he would take his visits, but call me shortly after his time started or before his time ended giving me some excuse why he couldn't finish. One overnight visit, I seriously wish he would have called me, because he messed up her mental health.... The day after that overnight visit when he brought her home, he bragged that he got her to eat hamburger..... by shoving it down her throat (which she now has PTSD from, and is afraid to try new foods). And he bragged he got her to sleep by herself...... by shutting her in a dark, strange bedroom where she screamed from 8PM-2AM until she exhausted herself (which is why she now will not sleep without her TV, and is currently terrified of her bedroom at night because the cord to the VCR broke). The next day visit after that, he decided he would take at our house. Everything was going as well as could be expected. I left my phone on the table as I took my daughter to the bedroom to change her diaper. When I had finished, EX glared at me from across the room........ Then I noticed my phone in his hand. "Who the hell gave you the right to look through my damn phone?!?!?!" At this, he started screaming like a banshee "Our divorce is not fucking final. You are still my wife. I have every right to look through your phone, and you are talking to another guy?!?!?! WE'RE STILL MARRIED! THIS MEANS YOU'RE CHEATING ON ME!!!" At this, my dad woke up and bellowed in his deepest voice "YOU WILL NOT DISRESPECT MY DAUGHTER OR MY GRANDDAUGHTER IN MY HOUSE! YOU DO NOT LIVE HERE ANYMORE! YOU CAN GET YOUR SHIT AND LEAVE THIS HOUSE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!" I comforted my daughter because obviously a booming voice terrifies a child. He missed his next two visits. His visit after that, he asked me if I would stay with him and my daughter at his friend's house. I agree, if only to protect my daughter. That was a BAD mistake. We went over there, and EX sat my daughter in front of his friend's daughter's toys, and led me to the couch. He tried to cuddle with me, my resolve melted, and I let it happen, which I didn't want. When I finally left, he asked me if I could come for the next visit too. I did, to protect my daughter. One day in April, he sweet talked me into reconciliation. I really wish I hadn't, but I digress. It was a month and a half of staying overnight at EX's friend's house at least twice a week. I hated it. The only part I liked was when EX's friend put him in his place...... The very last time I visited with him, was May 27, 2017. My brother graduated high school. So did EX's friend's sister (S). EX showed up at the school gym. I thought he was being thoughtful when he held my daughter through the ceremony. But it was not thoughtful at all. Afterward, when everyone was trying to leave, he said to my daughter "Tell mommy bye and you'll see her in a few days!" OH HELL NO! I tried grabbing her out of his arms but he tightened his grip. "Uh, uh, uh, you can get her if you come to my friend's house for the night"..... So I did. S was sitting at his table drinking a beer in celebration. As I picked up my daughter I thought to myself "Young lady, you are not old enough to drink. I should call the cops right now. I mean they're just across the street". Things were going fine. I tried keeping to myself. After everyone that needed to left, and everyone else settled down to sleep, I laid quietly for a few hours. At around 6:30 or so in the morning, I got outerwear and shoes on myself and my daughter, and we snuck home. Thank God my dad was awake and unlocked the door for me. The two of us took a long nap, and I awoke to a message from EX "Hey, you need to apologize to S."
"Why? What did I do?"
"She and a couple other people heard you saying that she's way too young to be drinking"
"But I didn't say it. I may have thought it, but I didn't SAY it." (Were they all mind-readers?!?!)
"I don't care if you said it or not. Get your ass over here and apologize" (Why? You never apologized to my family for shit we all heard you say)
"Fine, I'll be over in a bit" I left my daughter with my mom at home so that there wouldn't be any incentive for EX to entice me to stay.
So I went back there, and apologize "Hey S, I'm sorry. I don't believe I said that, but you heard me, so I offer my apologies." And then I left to walk back home again. Through the next month, I pretty much gave myself house arrest. I didn't step foot outside my house, unless it was going to Wal-Mart.
FINAL YEAR PORTION (June - October): When I finally decided to venture out into town, my mom, daughter, and I were going to meet up with her best friend, my auntie (Sh) her husband (T) and her 4 kids at a local park. Everything's going well, until speak of the devil, EX shows up. I handed my daughter over to my mom. EX tried to kiss me (in hindsight, I should have slapped him, and I would have had witnesses it was self defense), and he had a fit because "I didn't trust him with his own daughter" (damn right I don't!). He didn't leave, despite multiple warnings T would call the cops. EX didn't leave, so T made good on his threat and called the cops. Cop arrived, we all explained we were enjoying a cookout until EX started harassing us. Then EX stated outright "If I get my hands on (daughter), I'm gonna kidnap her". Cop told him to go to the court if he wanted his daughter so bad. He also told us that since we didn't rent the pavilion, EX had every right to be there, same as we did. So EX sat down with a smug look on his face, mentally gloating "I won, you can never get rid of me." I finally had enough, so I went to my mom's van under the guise of changing my daughter's diaper and her clothes, but really, to hide and hope EX would go away. T asked my mom to borrow her keys, went to the van, and said "Let's go for a ride". So we did. When we returned to the park, my dad and uncle B were there with mom and Sh. Dad asked about what happened, and when I got to the part about EX trying to kiss me, he said "Report his ass for sexual harassment". Dad helped me call the non emergency line of the sheriff's department. They sent out a police officer to mom, me, Sh, and T to give us statements to fill out, and told us to take them to the sheriff's department when we were done. On July 7, a police officer stopped by to let us know that because our 4 statements lined up with each other, that EX was arrested that morning.
It was then that we all banded together, without threat of EX, to protect my daughter and I. Sh took us to the courthouse the next day, and I stopped the reconciliation. A few days later, my dad took me to the courthouse and I got a PPO (personal protection order) and he was not allowed within 100 feet of me or my daughter. He was arrested a few times for PPO violation. He sent me message after message on Facebook, and that was also PPO violation. When he was arrested for that, we had a hearing at the courthouse (for what exactly I can't remember), but as he was hauled up the stairs, he yelled to me "HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY BITCH" (yes, yes I am). The friend of the court (bitch on a power trip who thinks all moms are petty bitches) yelled at me about "the stunt I just pulled, having EX arrested while he was waiting for the hearing as I should have been"..... To be completely honest, in my mind I was throwing rose petals and making petal angels. It was sweet revenge after years of mental torture. We all celebrated that one. It was the last time I saw him (the last time my daughter saw him was the day at the park). After that, and serving his sentence, from what I heard, one of my relatives (don't know exactly which one as I have dozens in that area alone) scared the daylights out of EX by telling him "You leave OP and that baby alone, because you don't want to know what will happen".
So EX has not tried to contact me whatsover, in any capacity, in over 3 years. No fake Facebook accounts, no asking friends to message me, nothing.
I am happy to say that I am currently in a long distance relationship with a man who is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of EX.
Thanks for reading my story. I know it was long, but I feel better getting it off my chest to complete strangers on the internet :)
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Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu. Get directions, reviews and information for Mono Wind Casino in Auberry, CA. Mono Wind Casino 37302 Rancheria Lane Auberry CA 93602. Reviews (559) 825-4480 Website. Menu & Reservations Make Reservations . Order Online Tickets Tickets See Availability Directions ... Mono Wind Casino information section: This casino is an indian casino and is found in Auberry, California. Mono Wind Casino has a total of 349 gaming machines for you to indulge in. World Casino Directory also books hotel rooms in the major casino resorts in Auberry. You will also find pics of Mono Wind Casino or see the latest news headlines about Mono Wind Casino on this page. Das Mono vicino Casino' begrüßt Sie in Sanremo, 400 m von Bagni Paradiso entfernt. Es verfügt über ein Wohnzimmer mit einem Flachbild-TV. Die Unterkunft bietet Zugang zu einem Balkon und kostenfreie Privatparkplätze. Die Küchenzeile ist mit einem Kühlschrank, einem Backofen und einem Kochfeld ausgestattet. Ein Bidet mit einem Haartrockner und kostenfreie Pflegeprodukte sind ebenfalls ... Mono Casino Some also offer gaming in dozens of other currencies as well. In this way, you can deposit funds and collect winnings in your local currency that you are comfortable with. 0. €350. 20. Gamble Responsibly Prize pool: 25 free spins-SIGN OUT Need Help? Contact our Support . 3-BATTLE OF SLOTS. WORLDS BIGGEST CASINO. QUICK WITHDRAWALS. Percentage. 70. €50. Casino ... ABOUT MONOPOLY CASINO. MONOPOLY Casino offers the definitive range of official MONOPOLY-themed casino and slot games. Experience unique MONOPOLY content, whilst also enjoying a host of classic slot titles, such as Rainbow Riches. DAILY FREE GAME. You have the chance to win something for free every day with our daily free game, MONOPOLY Daily Free Parking. Anyone who has deposited at least £10 ... Mono Wind Casino…Slots Of Fun! Come enjoy big-time Las Vegas style gaming in a quaint, comfortable setting amongst the friendliest staff you’ll find in California. You’ll discover why we’re called the “The Friendliest Casino in the Valley”.

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Monos Casino - Topic - YouTube

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Mono Wind Casino Version 1 produced by Corey Tocchini & Adam James for Before The Movie/ReThink,Inc. Share your videos with friends, family, and the world Tracklist:00:00 No Quiero Estar Tan TristeInfectadoFrioMátameRuido En Mi Cabeza-----Mateo Meteoro: Voz, corosMati Regino: Bate... [Click on 1080p HD on settings for best picture & sound] Playback System: Turntable: VPI Prime Cartridge: Miyajima Premiu... Mono Wind Casino Friendliest 30 - Duration: 0:31. Colleen Pendergrass 540 views. 0:31. Tachi palace slot huge winnings! Epic night! - Duration: 33:52. casey jones Recommended for you. 33:52 ...